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Malese Jow <3

Malese Jow Fan
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Malese Jow

Welcome to MaleseFan
e l i z a b e t h m e l i s e j o w <3

Welcome to malesefan, the one and only livejournal community for the talented Malese Jow of Unfabulous and The Vampire Diaries. Feel free to join the community at anytime. It's the perfect place for Malese fans to interact and share news about this talented actress.

p l e a s e f o l l o w

Tags: You must use the tags when posting. If you don't tag your post a mod will comment on it asking you to tag it. Tags create an easier browsing experience.
Content: You're encouraged to post any relevant news to Malese or her projects. Feel free to post any news, pictures, fan art, fanmixes, fanfiction, etc. Please use a reasonable sized font and text that's easy to read.
Cuts: When posting large graphics, amounts of text or pictures please use a cut. This helps to make a more organised and less-cluttered community.
Promotion Posts: Before posting a promotion post for your community/website, please contact a mod via pm to ask for permission. If you don't your post will be deleted.
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t h e m o d s

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact a mod. zerogravity_x will be happy to help (:

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If you would like to become affiliates please apply here.